Portland Oregon Car Donation

Welcome to Portland Oregon Car Donation. Where we make it so simple for you to donate your vehicle around the Portland / Vancouver / Beaverton area. Your donations go towards helping families that are victims of domestic violence. We thank you so much for your contributions, it really does help out so much. Portland Oregon car donation

We accept all cars as donations. It doesn’t matter what kind of condition it is in. If it is running or not, we don’t care. We can use whatever it is to help build up funds to support victims. Domestic violence destroys so many families in so many ways. So every little bit helps towards helping out the moms and kids of this crime.

When you call we will immediately send out a tow truck to come pick up the your vehicle. The tow truck will show up and write you out a tax refundable receipt for the value of your car.

Now you can get back more on your tax return and also help a great cause at the same time. Sometimes its just not worth it to sell it. Plus we try our best to make it so simple for you. You can call on the phone or fill out an online form right now. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Here at Portland Oregon Car Donation we really appreciate your thoughtful car donation. You are helping out so many more than you realize.

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